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Brentwood City Commission Agenda
Meeting Date: 09/23/2019  
Ordinance 2019-08 - Amending Various Sections of Brentwood Municipal Code, Chapter 66, Regarding Traffic and Dockless Small Vehicle Systems
Submitted by: Kristen Corn, Legal
Department: Legal  

Ordinance 2019-08 - Amendments to Chapter 66 of the Brentwood Municipal Code relative to dockless small vehicle systems.
Chapter 66 of the Brentwood Municipal Code contains the City's regulations governing traffic and vehicles.  Some of these regulations are purely local in nature, but many of the regulations either mirror state statutes or adopt provisions from state law by reference. 

The General Assembly passed a law this past session to give cities the authority to regulate or ban electric scooters due to concerns of health and safety. Several cities across the state have discussed the possibility of doing so, but only a few have presented legislation. Staff has researched the proposed ordinances from other cities and drafted the attached ordinance based on those models.
The attached ordinance creates definitions for "electric scooters" and "dockless small vehicles" and proposes to ban both on public rights-of-way or public property. As currently written, this ban would also include bikes, scooters, electric bikes, and other small vehicles which are offered for short-term rentals and do not require a bicycle rack or docking station. This ordinance does not affect privately owned bikes, scooters, etc. but only addresses those available for rent due to the likelihood of the equipment being placed or left on City sidewalks or streets, creating hazardous situations. The ordinance provides that it is unlawful to provide, use, or leave these “dockless small vehicles” on public rights-of-way or public property.
Please contact the City Manager or City Attorney if you have any questions about the proposed ordinance. 
Staff Recommendation
Staff recommends passage of Ordinance 2019-08.
Previous Commission Action
Ordinance 2019-08 was unanimously approved on first reading at the September 9, 2019 meeting of the Board of Commissioners.

Fiscal Impact
Ordinance 2019-08
Signed Ordinance

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