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Brentwood City Commission Agenda
Meeting Date: 08/26/2019  
Ordinance 2019-07, As Amended - Ordinance Proposing Amendments to Various Sections of the Zoning Ordinance including Article V, Signs
Submitted by: Jeff Dobson, Planning & Codes
Department: Planning & Codes  

Ordinance 2019-07, As Amended, proposes amendments to various sections of Chapter 78 (Zoning Ordinance) of the Municipal Code, including the Sign Ordinance, allowing banners to be installed on parking lot light poles in commercial and service institution zoning districts. 
The attached Ordinance proposes modifications to several sections of Chapter 78 (Zoning Ordinance) including the Sign Ordinance regarding the installation of fabric banners on parking lot light poles in commercial and service institution zoning districts.  

The amendments were developed, in part, as a result of a request from the principal of Ravenwood High School to allow the 2018/2019 senior class to gift a set of banners to the school.  

Staff presented information to the Board of Commissioners regarding a proposal to expand the installation of banners on parking lot light poles in Commercial and Service Institution districts at the briefings on January 10 and June 6, 2019.  The intent was to seek direction from the Board as to their desire to continue to process the proposed revisions.  

Staff has completed a survey of the various projects around town that have installed banners on their parking lot light poles.  Currently there are 11 projects in several zoning districts that have installed banners. The projects are detailed in the attachment below. Note that some of the projects are zoned C-1, SI-1 and SI-2, which do not currently permit banners to be mounted on parking lot light poles. Since the amendments allowing banners have been under consideration, staff has maintained limited enforcement of the current provisions of the Code until updated banner regulations are adopted.

Ordinance 2019-07 also proposes amendments to several sections of the zoning ordinance outside of the sign ordinance.  Some of the proposed amendments are largely "clean up" items addressing inconsistencies found as part of the review. 

To better understand the proposed amendments to Ordinance 2019-07, a summary of the modifications and a brief explanation is attached.  Also attached is a current code comparison regarding banners in the various commercial and service institution districts.  

The proposed ordinance was approved by the Board of Commissioners on first reading on July 8th after adopting an amendment that made the allowable sizes for banners (ten square feet) consistent in all zoning districts.

On August 5th, the Planning Commission voted nine for and zero against (9-0) to recommend approval of Ordinance 2019-07 to the Board of Commissioners.   

The public hearing for this item was held August 12, 2019. All comments were in favor of the ordinance.

Staff has notified the owners of all current developments with banners to make them aware of proposed code revisions and how they may impact their existing banners.

Please contact the Planning and Codes Director if you have any questions about Ordinance 2019-07.
Staff Recommendation
Not Applicable. 
Previous Commission Action
On July 8, 2019 the Board of Commissioners voted unanimously seven for and zero against (7-0) to approve Ordinance 2019-07, as amended, on first reading. 

Fiscal Impact
Ordinance 2019-07 As Amended
Projects with Banners Installed on Parking Lot Light Poles
Summary of Proposed Code Amendments -- Revised
Code Comparison Table -- 7-9-2019
Redline Version of Proposed Changes to the Code
PC Approval Letter -- Ord. 2019-07
Signed Ordinance

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