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Brentwood City Commission Agenda
Meeting Date: 08/26/2019  
Issuance of Certificate of Compliance to Ann Brinkmann/Grape and Grain, LLC for Retail Sale of Alcoholic Beverages at Lighthouse Liquors of Brentwood
Submitted by: Holly Earls, Administration
Department: Administration  

Request for Issuance of a Certificate of Compliance to Ann Brinkmann/Grape and Grain, LLC for Retail Sale of Alcoholic Beverages at the Lighthouse Liquors of Brentwood (7110 Town Center Way)
Ann Brinkmann, a Franklin resident, is acquiring the Lighthouse liquor store located at 7110 Town Center Way.  The liquor license must be transferred into her name. The Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission requires the applicant to present a certificate of compliance from the local government as a prerequisite.  The items to be certified by the City are shown on the attached certificate, which must be signed by the Mayor or a majority of the City Commission members.

As to the three items to be certified, the following information should be noted:
  1. A check of the applicant's records reveals no felony violations.
  2. The proposed location of the liquor store, within the C-4 zoning district, presents no conflicts with the location restrictions established by the City.  (Liquor stores within the City must be within a C-2, C-3 or C-4 district, and may not be within 300 feet of a religious institution, school, public library, governmental office, or a private residence which is in a residential district.)
  3. The City's ordinances allow one (1) liquor store for every 6,000 residents, according to the most recent official census.  The 2018 special census count of 43,889 would allow a maximum of seven (7) liquor stores within Brentwood.  However, the Brentwood Municipal Code further provides that no more than three (3) liquor stores may be located at either the northern or southern commercial districts of the City, effectively limiting the total number of liquor stores to six (6).  There are currently six (6) liquor stores doing business in Brentwood, with three (3) in the southern commercial district and three (3) in the northern commercial district of the City.  The location of Lighthouse Liquors is in the northern district.  
The applicant meets all of the City of Brentwood requirements for the issuance of a certificate of compliance. 
Staff Recommendation
Staff recommends approval of the certificate of compliance. 

Fiscal Impact
Certificate of Compliance

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